Water Communications releases new 21K School Film

21Kschools - Water Communications

The film conveys all the benefits of the online-only schooling concept.

Water Communications conceptualised film for 21K School, India’s first online-only school. The film is probably first of it’s kind film that provides viewers a knowledgeable and much-needed differentiation between online-only schools and regular brick and mortar institutions.

21K School’s launch coincided with a pandemic-stricken world in lockdown; however, its raison d’etre has nothing to do with the unprecedented situation. 21K School’s intention was to bring to India the growing evolution and tectonic shift in the way education is consumed. It’s a category unto itself, not influenced by temporary phenomena of lockdowns and study-at-home.

21K School had recently appointed Water as its communications agency. Water has been formulating the brand’s communication strategy, and it was felt that educating the potential audience about the category itself was the need of the moment.

The film was therefore made as a kind of ‘day in the life of a 21K School student’. In a direct way, it conveys to the potential audience all the benefits of the online-only schooling concept.

Santosh Kumar, co-founder & director, 21K School said: “We figured the best way to hook the audience was to be honest and direct. Taking them through a 21K School student’s day was the surest way to tell the story and bring out all the benefits without resorting to needless marketing overload.”

Yeshwant Raj Parasmal, co-founder & director, 21K School agreed: “We are an honest brand, and what we offer is something that moulds young minds into intelligent, responsible citizens of tomorrow. Our offering goes a long way beyond just conventional education. But, when our product is pure honest and full of substance, there’s no need to mask it in creativity for creativity’s sake.”

Giving it a creative perspective, Vandana Sethhi, founder & CEO, Water Communications said: “With such films, going over-the-top is actually detrimental. So, we made sure that everything from the casting to the settings to the emoting lent an honest, everyday and believable feel.”

The 21K School brand is going places and fast. In a short time, enrolments have crossed 4500, with students from over 450+ different cities – and 38 different countries. The online-only concept works both ways; so, the school is able to source the best of teaching talent from across the country and around the world as well.

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