Water Communication’s New Aromatic Films

Emperor Akbar - Water Communications

Emperor Akbar Cardamom have released a series of social media films & reels created by their communications agency, Water Communications and produced by Earth Films.

The series captures the power of aroma as something that can evoke a range of emotions and memories in human beings. The films are based on the fact that aroma is often directly linked to a certain memory, event or emotion.

Vandana Sethhi, Founder and CEO, Water Communications, expanded upon this thought: “The smell of the earth after the first rains is distinctive and triggers specific memories. As does the smell of a new book, or a bouquet of flowers. The perfume worn by a loved one even in the distant past can bring back immediate memories of that person or occasion. That’s the central idea behind these films. Of course, ultimately linked to the aroma of Emperor Akbar Cardamom which is distinctive, powerful, delicious and even therapeutic.”

Hemen Ruparel, MD, Emperor Akbar Cardamom said: “We like that the situations and emotions captured in these films are universally relatable. It enables the viewer to immediately associate with the protagonists and their memorable moments. In the end, our product, cardamom, is all about aroma and flavor. Without aroma, cardamom loses its potency and utility. It’s why we spent lots of time and energy researching and developing this pioneering packaging technology that helps retain the aroma, flavor and freshness of our cardamom, long after the pack reaches the end-user’s kitchen. We are delighted that this series of films instantly tells the story of our product through powerful association.”

Aroma is one of the key attributes of cardamom. The quality of cardamom is ascertained by the degree of aroma it retains and emanates. Aroma in cardamom is a function of the pod size, number of seeds it contains, and the oil content within these seeds. However when it comes to marketing cardamom, that is only half the battle. The other half lies in the packaging. Emperor Akbar Cardamom were the first to introduce special Aroma-lock packs that literally seal the aroma in as soon as they are packed. As long as the remaining cardamom are retained in this pack and securely locked after each use, it will retain much of its plantation-fresh aroma for a long time.

Salil Jason Fernandez, Director, Earth Films added: “We wanted to deliver maximum impact in minimum time. Reels can be very challenging. How do you tell an entire story and sell a brand in say 20 seconds. We deliberately kept things simple, so as to focus the viewer’s attention on the central thought – that aromas spark emotions and memories. And then directly linked it with the aroma of cardamom.”

Emperor Akbar is one of only two entities in the entire world that is GI Tag certified to market or promote Alleppey Green Cardamom. India is the second largest producer and exporter of cardamom in the world; but in terms of quality, it is second to none. Emperor Akbar, Alleppey Green Cardamom is much sought after by chefs and homemakers right around the world.

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