Water Communications releases latest Social campaign for 21K School

21Kschool - Water Communications

21K School has released its latest social media campaign. Between them, the series of clever creatives in artistic typo format, convey a bunch of benefits that students of 21K School enjoy.

From saving on travel time and comfort of home ambiance to advanced methods of learning and multicultural exposure, each benefit is creatively conveyed in a manner pleasing to the eye. The campaign was created and released by Water Communications, the communications agency for 21K School.

The benefits of online schooling and 21K School’s online offering in particular far outweigh conventional brick and mortar schooling. So, although we’ve been around a while now, the fact that online schooling is a relatively newer phenomenon means there is still a lot of enlightening to do. Besides, as pioneers of online schooling in India, that job rests on 21K School shoulders.

21K School has indeed pioneered the online schooling concept in the country. It is not a product of pandemic exigencies that compelled conventional schools to go online. Rather, 21K School was launched as an online-only school, and will remain so for all time.

21K School is appreciated by students and parents alike for its global-quality teaching, holistic education, highly trained and experienced teaching staff and advanced teaching methodology. The school also has strategic partnerships with Cambridge Assessment International Education, The Keystone School, MSA CESS, Cognia, Stride, Inc. and Pearson Edexcel – global leaders in the online learning space.

Vandana Sethhi, Founder and CEO, Water Communications had this to add about the latest campaign her agency designed for 21K School: “The benefits that 21K School offers students and their parents need to be constantly conveyed because the target audience out there is immense and cannot possibly be targeted all in one go. So the challenge is how to convey the same pool of benefits – many as they are – in a different and entertaining manner each time, without losing out on their central essence. That is what we have once again achieved here.”

Ragini Somani and Basit Sheikh, Creative Directors, Water Communications, who directed the campaign, provided some insights on the thinking and delivery: “Yes there are many ways to skin a cat, and yes as creative people we fall back on various devices which have been and are being used by creative people everywhere, all the time. But we wanted to still do it differently. This is a typo series, and yet only quasi-typo, with the headline seamlessly merged into the image. We are happy with the way it has come off – aesthetic and yet without compromising on the message delivery.”

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