Speaking through glimpses - how important is a logo to your business?

One peek is enough sometimes! All it takes is one look at a logo and it’s enough to instantly identify the brand or a company or a business. Sometimes we’re even able to recognise a logo even if the name of the business is not involved in it. That’s the power of a logo.

Symbols are a powerful, efficient and a succinct way to communicate information about your brand. It’s an important part of your company’s brand and is one of the first element to give weight to your brand’s perception. Many argue that a logo is the best investment a business can make. Ask any top advertising agencies about importance of logo and they will tell you the exact same thing! A logo is indeed the best investment.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why a logo becomes important for your business:

  • First to grab attention: In a world of short attention spans and ever increasing information, most businesses have about 2 seconds to convince people to buy its products or that its products are worth a consideration. A logo can quickly grab a viewer’s attention and visually communicate a company’s core value instantly. When done right, a logo can work to your advantage and speak for your brand!.
  • First impression, strong impression: A logo is the first starting point, a first introduction of your business to your consumers. A logo could either raise interest or alienate interest of your potential consumers. It’s through your logo that consumers attach an identity to your products and using a logo you can communicate ownership over the products or services you offer. A logo also gives your brand an authority in your professional mediums or spaces.
  • Defines your brand identity: What is brand identity? Simply put, it’s your brand’s story that you’re trying to tell. A story that influences the emotions of your customers! And as said before, logo is an important element of your brand but it also serves as a visual base for your brand’s narrative. The choice of colours, fonts and tones – all these serve a purpose – which is to visually convey a story you’re trying to tell. If your brand was a theatre group, the logo is the stage!.
  • Memorable markers: The human race first began its communication with noise and then through symbols. Symbols are visual and therefore, memorable because they’re easier to draw and easier to comprehend. Logos serve as the symbol that people use to recognise your brand, connect to and remember what your company does and sometimes a logo also makes them feel! It could be an aesthetically pleasing element which triggers positive recall of your brand.
  • Stand tall, stand apart: Daring to have a unique and a different logo means that it will convey to the consumers why your brand or business is unique. There maybe thousands of hot sauces, but your logo is what will you stand out from the rest and stand apart from the competition. A logo can convey your values, your brand’s background (if you are professional, fun or both) and even your mission. Basically, your logo will tell people why you’re better.
  • Fostering loyalty: People love to try new things – sure! But consumers often crave consistency. With the growth of your brand, your logo becomes familiar to many more people and this could create a perception that your business is accessible and trustworthy. Trust is built on a logo that is well designed and soon, brand loyalty will follow. And once consumers like you, they will seek you out again and again.
  • Satisfactions and expectations: A logo is the first thing that any audience will search for any communication from your business. Hence, it should be front and centre of your marketing materials which include business cards, ads and flyers among other things. If you don’t have a logo or a logo that doesn’t stand out, it is a missed chance to make your business make a place in the minds of your consumers.

So there you go. A logo is a vital part of your brand. As you grow, it is what helps to cement your brand in the minds of many people. To have a great logo - all you need to do is make sure your brand has unique colours and effective images to represent your company’s best characteristics or qualities. So whether you sit down with yourself, with a team or hire a Creative agency to make your logo make sure you have a memorable one and it tells your story!

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