personalization in marketing

What’s in a name, Shakespeare had once questioned. But ask any marketers and they will answer – ‘everything’! As consumers are flooded with marketing ....

Challenges of Digital Marketing

In today’s age of multiple screens and Big Data, one field has risen to power. No prizes for guessing the answer – it’s Digital Marketing.

hiring an ad agency

It’s tough to be a business owner. You get so used to doing things your own way, you get used to taking control of your business and pushing it forward.


It’s time we learnt how to K.I.S.S. And no dirty mind, by that I do not mean that you go around kissing and telling people what your brand stands for. K.I.S.S ......

Branded video content

The phrase ‘build it and they will come’ doesn’t cut it these days! Call it what you want – shorter attention spans or spoiled by excessive content ......

importance of logo

One peek is enough sometimes! All it takes is one look at a logo and it’s enough to instantly identify the brand or a company or a business.

Perception Shifting

To change or not to change?

Imagine, if Masterchef Australia had realised sooner just how effective it could be for a tourism boom for its nation!

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