Brand Strategy & Design

The first step to create the blueprint for any brand.It includes uncovering different elements that lead to a brand definition.

  • Brand essence: It is the unique brand promise. i.e. the DNA which helps to differentiate the brand from the clutter and thereby identifying its brand positioning.
  • Brand naming: Brand nomenclature is the exercise to lend the righttone,length,and resonance in sync with a relevant meaning.
  • Brand Rejuvenation: Revamping a dead brand by understanding the shortcoming via brand immersion and its brand audit leading to infusing new life and refreshment.
  • Brand Values (Mission & Vision): Identifying & assigning the right values for a Corporate brand.
  • Brand architecture: Aligning and showcasing the entire brand portfolio with parent brand and sub brands.
  • Employer Branding : How the make the brand more appealing to potent employees,talent acquisition for employers.

Logo design is not a plain design,but a gamut of effort that comes from cultural studies,and understanding the audience . Water has a strategic brand designteam that “strategizes” and “expresses” its work be it a logo,packaging design or a retail brand solution.

  • Brand identity (logo): The first Visual representation of any brand is its brand logo.A very well crafted and designed logo is what we provide with our research-oriented design process.
  • Product Packaging Design: In a retail environment, its hard to stand out and break the clutter. We at Water, understand the science of packaging design helping brands create a story about the product and making it ready-to-buy for any consumer be it a F & B,FMCG or a B2B product.
  • Collaterals designs: Futuristic brand material such as brochures,leaflets,banners,etc. designed with utmost precision.
  • Brand guidelines: The bible of branding useful for use for any Marketing and design team which can remain consistent throughout.
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